Legal Presentation? Tips to Pitch Perfect.

Legal Presentation? Tips to Perfect Pitch.

Your time is limited. So, don’t waste it on other’s presentations.

How to:

Tell Stories

Tell your facts like a story and make a point from there! Consider your audience. Is the audience viewing slides live as someone speaks or the audience is an online group looking at slides on their own?

Don’t focus too much on the information. Focus on making the impact that you want to create. If you want your audience to understand a Non-Disclosure Agreement, start with relevant scenarios that happened last week.

Try Pecha-Kucha Way

PechaKucha is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. Remember, IMAGES. Display the most important key for each message and topic. Limit one statement to one slide.

Design Thinking

Background design and fonts can be a disruptor to your presentation. Color psychology is the study of how colors affect human behavior, mood, or physiological processes. Colors are thought to influence our buying choices, our feelings, and even our memories

Choose simplicity over flashiness, i.e. clean background and big fonts.

Ask Questions – Let them answer too!

Pick one or two questions for each topic to let the audience know that you are with them. There are many ways for you to throw interactive sessions like using online quizzes or other gamification methods. Use rhetorical questions if you want to persuade.

Re-summarize your points and messages.

Before ends your presentation, simply make a point to reinforce your topics. Explain why you are presenting those stories together with any authorities you wish them to refer to and remember.

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